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Laila Wolf

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"Peculiar is my most favored word. It isn't harsh like calling someone 'strange' even if they are... It is quite the inclusive three syllables. The realm of peculiarity includes but is not limited to odd, uncommon or unusual. It's the area of gray that most of my life has sunken into.”Once Upon an End


Laila Wolf is an author, producer/director/actress, singer, and model who has ghostwritten a body of work including but not limited to memoirs, novels, scripts, screenplays, short stories, articles and songs.

As a child, Elaina wasn’t too fond of reading or writing until she was given a short story assignment which became three separate stories woven together to create The Magic Book of "E"; the first book to be published by Elaina R. D’Angelo in 2010. With a blossoming love of writing, Girls Just Want to Have Fun: Spring Killing followed suit in 2013.

After a book tour and independent study throughout, Elaina decided it was time for a new adventure and dove into the unknown depths of public high school to write her third book, The Date Diaries. Through the dysfunctional twists and turns of her high school experience the pseudonym Laila Wolf was born.

Upon commencement from high school, Laila began writing her next book The Campus Chronicles, modeled for several well known photographers such as Cvatik, Santi Fox, Sebastian Svenkeren, and walked the runway for local designers.

In college, as an Ornamental Horticulture major, Laila Wolf founded Wolfsbane; a collaborative online magazine dedicated to spreading awareness regarding climate change, pollution, sustainability and much more in order to create a healthier world.

As an Ornamental Horticulturist with an additional six certifications from Penn under her belt Laila went on to study filmmaking.

Skeleton Flowers and Water skeletonflowersandwater.com is a mother/daughter run production company.

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Assistant to Paul Borghese and appears in episode 9 dancing the Tarantella in William Demeo’s second season of Gravesend on Amazon Prime.

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